CR360 Product Features

Cloud Reviews 360 (CR360) comes with many interacting features, creating a powerful set of tools for users and organisations.

The only tool you’ll need for Compliance  and/or CPD!

Compliance & CPD

Harmonises compliance AND continuous professional development (CPD) into one system.

One system, multiple purposes

Simultaneously serves students, practitioners, employers, industry sectors and accrediting or registration bodies.

Career Portability

Whole-of-career tool kit and portability. Enter data once, but use many times across multiple employers. Grows with you.

360 Appraisal & Feedback

Simple to use self-appraisal with 360 feedback, coaching, mentoring, third-party appraisal and remote accreditation and auditing.

Secure, Multiple Platforms

Cloud-based and optimized for PC, tablet or smart phone.  Data security.

Encourages Growth

CR360 encourages and facilitates reflective, evidence-based practice and goal setting, inspiring staff to be the best they can be.

Fully Customisable

Fully customisable for any set of standards, competencies, skill sets, KPI’s or performance reviews.

Cost Effective

Low-cost subscriptions make the systems highly cost-effective, time saving and agile.

Award Winning

Don’t just take our word for it; we’ve won multiple awards for the platform.

"For me, this tool provides an environment that places the user themselves in charge and in possession of their own professional growth. It leaves them responsible for their own professional learning and it provides a form of accountability that is highly personalised, is collaborative, is interactive, encourages professional conversation and reflection. And it encourages professional energy and the individual taking control and responsibility for their own professional career. "

– Edgar Bliss, Former Senior Education Advisor: Catholic Education SA

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